Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hi everyone! 
Sorry it has been so long. We have had a pretty busy couple of weeks. We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. It was a sweet time. We missed Jace so very much. It definitely brought back a lot of memories, but they were really sweet ones. We also went to the Storybook Forest with Molly and David on Monday night. We did that last year with all of our kids. Molly has Kya that is 1 day older than Courtlynn and Bryson that is 3 weeks older than Jace. We went to the Storybook Forest last year together too. Jace was 8 weeks old and Bryson was 11 weeks. It was such a fun night and felt so complete to have all of our kids together. We thought it only fitting to all go together again this year. It was really hard to not have Jace there with us this time. I feel pretty lost sometimes and like I want to just stop people and tell them that I have two kids, its just that one is no longer here with me. Its pretty crazy, though how God uses Bryson in my life. It was so sweet to see him walking around and eating his candy. He was wearing Jace's coat that was supposed to be for him this winter. I found it while Molly and my mom and sisters were helping me clean out his room when we were officially moving out. I thought Bryson needed to have it since Jace couldn't wear it. Bryson was wearing it and he kept falling down and face planting on the ground because it was so puffy. Just watching him, I could almost see what Jace would have looked like. I think God arranged it that way. I think if I will let Him, He wants to use Max and Bryson to ease that ache a little. I know there are times when it is good for me to be around the boys, and times that I just can't.  I'm learning that I can't expect too much out of myself. My good friend told me today that I am mourning and that I need to remember that. I need to not push myself to do things if I feel like I can't right now. The Lord is revealing himself to us in incredible ways and I am more and more convinced of how real his love is for me. Love you all

P.S. Here are pictures of our sweet boys last year at the Storybook Forest. 

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  1. Lydia:

    I am so happy that you were able to take your wonderful memories of Jace with you to the Pumpkin Patch and the Storybook Forest.

    We loved seeing all of you at Mom's house and I am so grateful that you braved the zoo (bad smells and all!) so that we could spend more time with you and Court. I have some photos to email to you but I wasn't sure if I have an up-to-date email address. Please let me know the best place to send them when you have time (no rush!).

    I hope that Court had a fun Halloween and that you are feeling better now that you are leaving the first trimester.

    We miss you all.


    Aunt Janie