Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its been quite a weekend. We have been pretty busy with birthday parties and planning our fall outings. We are trying to plan a trip to the pumpkin patch this week before all the pumpkins are gone! It's another one of those things I am finding myself having to do so very often. We are making a new memory and trying to figure out a good way to keep the happy one from last year stuck in our hearts forever! We are missing him more and more as the days wear on. Last year at this time we were blissfully happy! We had not a care in the world and all of our dreams and hopes were still intact. We are understanding now how permanent all of this is. When I think of the pumpkin patch, I can remember how Jace felt up next to me in the sling I was carrying him in. He slept the whole time. It was pretty cold last year and I just tried to keep him all bundled up. He is such a treasure to us. He brought us so much joy while he was here with us. It's hard to think that we're going to have Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and not have him with us. Last year's Thanksgiving was so special and we have so many good memories of letting him taste the food and smiling and laughing with him. Pray for us as we venture out to the pumpkin patch this year. Our hearts are so heavy and we are wondering how we are going to make it through the season. We believe that God is so good and that his Faithful hand will continue to hold us tightly as long as we choose to hold tightly to Him! We know that we are deeply blessed for getting to be a part of his amazing little life!! Thank you guys for praying for us!


  1. I don't have any wise things to say that will ease your sadness, but know that we are praying. :)

    Saw you from afar at church today...hope that you are all well!

  2. Hi Lydi!!! I am thinking about you everyday! Everytime i think that life is hard and i can't handle anymore i always think of you and how strong you are. I miss you. I miss when we used to hang out. Congratulations on getting pregnant! I'm trying to get pregnant now and i would love to be friends with you again. It's hard to find friends that you click with. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Always thinking of you,


  3. Hi Campbell's,
    I'm really glad that you've chosen to continue blogging. Your family is such an inspiration and it feels like I've gotten to know you . . . at least through your blog. I can't imagine how difficult things are without Baby Jace and I'm glad that you've given me the opportunity to pray for you. God will carry you through - especially at those times that you feel you can't taken another step forward!
    In His Love and Blessings,

  4. We love you all so much and admire the strength that you have even in times of sadness. I pray that you will NEVER forget those precious moments with sweet Jace, I know God will protect those in your heart forever, until you see him again. Sweet Court is such a precious little lady and we feel blessed to have you all in our lives, please know that we try our best to understand what you are going through and pray that our love for you is always shown, even when there are no words to say. We love you.

  5. Lydia,

    What a joy it is to see pics of this sweet little one inside of you! This new baby truly will be used to heal all of you, although I know you will never be the same.

    I am so thankful that God has given you this sweet blessing! I cannot wait to see how it all progresses.

    I think of you often and pray for you quite frequently. Thank you for the encouragement you guys continue to be!