Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just wanted to tell everyone about last night. I was going through the tapes from our video camera over the past couple of years. We bought the camcorder after Court was born after we borrowed Bobbi and Jason's to tape her birth. We found, about two months ago, a tape of Jace in his excersaucer that my precious friend Nichole Brewer let me borrow. It was taped the DAY before he quit breathing during his nap the first time in December. He LOVED that toy. My favorite memories of him in it are when I would look at him from the back while he was leaned forward looking so intently at his toys and his little fat neck had that roll in the back.. I loved that. Any way, after we found that video, I started slowly looking at other ones. It was so special to have those pieces of him captured in action! We found one last night that is so very special. The very beginning of the tape was his dedication day on Mother's day morning! It was so awesome to watch everyone praying for him and for our family. My very best friend Molly was standing next to me with both of her kids and we were just standing together giving them back to the Lord. That is how it was supposed to be their whole lives. They were all gonna grow up together and be best friends, or so we thought. I just loved that that was captured on video. It is so very precious to me.  
 Right after his dedication, his sister is laying next to him on the floor like she did all the time. She is singing Jesus loves me to him so he won't cry anymore. She keeps leaning down and kissing his little mouth. While it was playing last night, She kept running her little fingers over his face on the screen. She is feeling it too. That deep, unquenchable desire just to touch him again and feel him. It was pretty awesome to think of how thankful I am that I charged that video camera and got it out even when it was kind of a hassle. God is so good to us to let us have little things like that to help us remember the things we loved so very much about him! We love you Jesus!

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