Monday, April 13, 2009

1 more week!!

One week from Tuesday, which is tomorrow, and I am going to the hospital to have my little Jett man!! We are so very excited!! I have been counting down the days for awhile now and for a variety of reasons. First, its because he is getting so big in there that I barely have room for anything else. Secondly, I think that I am just so anxious.  I've been nervous about everything this time and just ready to get him out here where I can look at him to see if he's okay. I feel like I've switched from feeling like nothing bad could ever happen to us to feeling like it will its just a matter of time. I'm definitely still having issues with trusting my heavenly Papa! I know now more than ever that He is on my side and I love Him so very much. Yesterday was Easter and it was the most meaningful Easter I have ever experienced. It was kind of sad because last Easter is one of my favorite memories of my sweet Jace. He fell asleep in the corner of the couch and was out cold for a long time. I just kept looking at him and wanting to pick him up and squeeze him because he just looked so sweet. I couldn't help but marvel at what God had done in his short recovery time! It was a hopeful day for me. This year was very different, yet there was still a lot of hope, just a different kind. I just sat there at church and I couldn't keep from crying. I was just so blown away by the Love of God that was revealed in Jesus and the work of the cross! I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that because of Jesus, I will be reunited with my precious son someday and that I will be with my Jesus forever!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation. Thank you Jesus, for the hope I have in you!! I still believe that everything you promised us is true!! 

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