Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No More Passies and A New Puppy!!

Okay, well we finally got moved in. We painted EVERY room in the new house and it took just a few days but we are pretty exhausted. We also got rid of Court's passies. I put some pictures up of it. We tied them all to balloons and sent them up to heaven to her Bubba. The first night, she was crying and she told her daddy that she thinks maybe when she gets to heaven her Bubba will share the passies with her. She thinks they will just run and play and have their passies. That's what she said and after that she smiled and laid down and went to sleep! She still says it every once in awhile, that she can't wait to have passies with her Bubba in heaven. It has been three days and we are finally going to sleep without crying. She actually did way better than I thought she would. I'm very proud of her. 
We got a siberian husky puppy on saturday. It was a late Christmas present for Court. She has been asking for a puppy since Jace died. I think we are finally getting the hang of that too. We are having so much fun watching her and Court play together. Court named her Eva from her favorite movie, Wall-e. Anyway, I will put up some pictures of the house in a couple of days. I have really good before and after pictures. Just continue to pray for us. This is so hard to make a new start without our sweet little boy. Our invasion story is Sunday at Life church. I'd love for all of you to be able to see it! 

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  1. When I was little I lost a baby brother and we would send balloons up to heaven every year on his birthday. It had such an impact on me. So powerful. I know it will do the same for your little girl. It's wonderful.

    I was wondering if your invasion would be shown this week. Prayers for your family this weekend, and prayers that God will use your story in a huge way to help others.