Friday, April 22, 2011

Jett is Two!

Wow I feel like its been ages since I've posted. And then it really hasn't been that long.... i want to write a post about Christmas, breaking my leg, and how little Jaxon came into this world, but not today:) It's late tonight, we've been packing all day to go to my grandparents house in Missouri for Easter. But it's also the end of Jett Richard's second birthday! It has been a really fun day here at the Campbell house. Rock took off work just like he does on everyone's birthday and we went to breakfast and spent the day together. It has been a day full of thinking back... and being so amazed at God's sweet heart toward me. I am constantly in awe of the way He loves me. i look at my sweet Jett, and see the miracle of life. How fragile it is and how I never realized its fragility before my Jace made his huge mark on my life. And how my God, the master of all the universe, so gently sustains it.... WOW. i really have no words... I am falling so deeply in love with Him and who He is. I love that my children are such windows into His heart. Jett is so full of life and spunk. He's a pretty amazing little man, and pretty incredibly ornery at the very same time. I love the way he talks to baby Jax. He leans down with his hands on his knees and says, "Hilo Chashy." in a sweet little high pitched voice. I love how he runs. He He gets his body leaned real far forward and then he watches the ground and pumps his arms really hard, even though he's not moving very fast at all:) I love how he thinks he's a football player already and he gets his in football stance and says, "Mommy, chatch it." He can make me laugh so hard I cry, even if I had been bawling and sad seconds before. I love how God knew how much Rocky, Courtlynn, and I needed him in our family. I am so thankful and just full to the brim with gratitude for my precious Heavenly Father. Thank you Jesus for our family and for your design... even the parts that I don't understand or I wish were different. Thank you for teaching me how to trust you, and helping me to realize that its an ongoing journey that I will, more than likely, not see the end of until this earthly life is over. I love you, my Papa...

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