Sunday, December 13, 2009

WOW!! WAy too long!!

OK! So I totally suck at keeping up with my blog! Life has been ridiculously crazy over here at the Campbell house. This is such a weird time of year for us. I wanted to do a birthday post for Courty but the time just goes so fast. So here it is, almost a month late!!

My sweet Courty Serene turned four years old on November 17th!! I cannot believe she is this big! It really does seem like yesterday that I was at the hospital waiting for her to come and yet it also feels like another lifetime. She is such an incredible little person and I am so proud to be her momma! She is so intuitive and wise beyond her four long years. She knows so much more about life and how precious it is than I did until just recently. I am amazed by her more every day. I wish with a ll my heart that she hadn't;t had to go through what she did, but I am so proud of the person she is because of it. She is so tender hearted and would never hurt anyone's feelings on purpose (except maybe her brother :)). She is so fun to take with me places and to be silly with. I am so blessed by her!

So another thing about her right now is that she is ALWAYS in character and most of the time she is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Its safe to say she is obsessed. She also plays all day long with Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man and they go with us every time we leave the house. So naturally, I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted to have and she decided Wizard of Oz! It was really cute. I couldn't have pulled it off without my other-in-law and my mom. It was really fun for her and she had a great time.

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