Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Early when the day is new, Before the stirring, I will come to talk to you. To confess the ways I'm broken, to recall the words You've spoken, and to try to comprehend the love You have for me! You are my Hiding Place, You fill my broken heart with songs, Songs of deliverance, You sing of how the weak are strong. And You never meant for me to walk alone. You are always for me , as the TRUEST lover of my soul. You hear my desperate calling, You have kept my feet from falling and You've set me on this rock on which I'm standing now. And I believe You, for you saved me from my darkness and my shame." Hiding Place by Sara Groves

I think I wrote the words to this song close to a year ago when I started this blog. I am obviously still on the journey and it means something totally different to me now than it did then. We said goodbye to my brother yesterday. He left for active duty with the navy reserves. We don't know which country he will go to or even how long he will be gone. I am again learning a very hard lesson in mortality and trusting my Jesus. It brought up all the other stuff about how fast our lives changed a year and a half ago and then how fast it changed again just a year ago. I am here this morning, letting the Holy Spirit minister to me the truth of the protection and covering I have just resting under His wings. Where would I go if it weren't for this precious place of peace and truth? I am so blessed to have my Hiding Place.

Please pray for Cat. She has a long journey ahead of her waiting for my
brother to come home. Pray against fear and for an overwhelming peace! I love you girl!
All of us kids before we had a lot of cares! This was a sweet memory! I will miss you Bubba. You will be home with us soon. You are Brave!!

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  1. God has such an awesome plan for each of us Lyds!! I never would have dreamed the journey would be this tough, but part of me feels like maybe the harder the journey the more precious the outcome!! I cannot wait to see all that God does in our lives! Praying that we will be able to see more of his glorious wonders everyday!! Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy!!! I love you my sister!!